C20 and C21.5 – Which is the best vitamin c product for face

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One of my beauty product favorite is OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum of Wishtrend brand. I was really impressed with the effect that serum brought to my skin. When I saw that there was a new version of this serum type, I was very excited to try OST C20 Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum. And you can guess how I had high expectations for this kind of serum. I think it is worthy to be the best vitamin c for face.


Brand OST or C20 is best famous for OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum in an orange box and a brown bottle. Serum is highly effective in the use of peeling possibility ascorbic acid to improve the quality of skin. However, it also has some little disadvantages, such as very sticky, too risky for sensitive skin and it contains artificial ingredients. The new OST C20 Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum has completely different ingredients list and the amount of vitamin C is increased. Serum C20 contains 20% Vitamin C while the new formula will have 21.5%. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and can prevent from skin aging prematurely. Composition of Vitamin C in both serums is higher compared to other vitamin c serum. You must know that high levels of vitamin C does not mean that it’s more effective in anti-aging. Typically, a higher effective concentration of vitamins is visible as it aims to act as peeling of dead and old skin cells. This is not bad effect and stimulating skin to regenerative itself, remember that it will not affect the inner cell layer of your skin, but for the purpose that you really want anti-aging effect.

With vitamin c serum C20, a cardboard box accompanied by description in Korean and English. It details how to use, ingredients, expiry date and essential warns. New serum type has more details in English. List of components of the new formula is very brief. You can learn more to know that the ingredients are safe to use and no artificial ingredients. Because the two products contain Vitamin C, they must be stored in a cool place. They must also be protected from sunlight to prevent vitamin C from oxidation. Since the product line is very short, so I recommend that you use as fast as possible after opening the box.

You can also find more information and detailed description of serum on the website of Wishtrend. Orange cardboard box containing a brown glass bottle and a separated dropper. Droppers easily help to take easily the watery products. The OST C20 Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum has transparent color that is a sign of fresh Vitamin C Serum. If it turns yellow, the serum has been oxidized in the bottle. The scent of the serum reminds you a bit orange, but with a different smell combined, I do not distinguish it. The scent is not strong and does not keep lingering on your skin, so it does not matter.

I have used OST C20 Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum for 3 weeks in the evening and most of the morning. When used during daytime, let use sunscreen. Here is the effect of serum to your skin.

I had a few redness when I started using serum. After 3 weeks, the redness has decreased and I could feel my skin smoother. I used this serum with toner, moisturizer because Vitamin C Serum C21.5 is less sticky than the old formula, but it is still sticky so I like to combine it with some other products.

This new formula is suitable for sensitive skin types than the old one and it is really the top rated vitamin c serum for face.

The following is a summary of the pros and cons of these two types of vitamin C serum.

The weakness of Vitamin C Serum

You really need a refrigerator and keep it away from the light or it will be oxidized. It oxidizes faster than Wishtrend can send you a new bottle if you’re not careful. Vitamin C Serum C20 will rapidly turn orange before you use up.

According to my understanding, you should not use Vitamin C Serum C20 with retinoid that contains tretinoin (usually found in the composition of Pocketderm). You should use them at different times of the beauty. I usually use Pocketderm in the evening and vitamin c in the morning.

For vitamin C serums operates effectively, first you should use pH adjusting toner pH (pH 5.5 or lower)…. Unless you have a long waiting time after cleansing, allowing your skin return to the acidic state naturally. How long? It will depend on the pH of the cleanser and natural pH of the skin. I use a toner to pH adjusting toner even when I have the time to wait.

You need give time for this serum to operate before washing. I give myself at least 15 minutes.

You really need sunscreen when using a product like this. If you do not want to apply sunscreen regularly when using this product, you just read this review for fun. Your baby skin needs a full cover when using this product.

These types are very sticky serums. C20 is stickier than C21.5. I think it would be better to continue with a skin care steps after using C21.5 rather than C20.

Advantages of Vitamin C Serum

– Unbelievable skin lighten effect. Vitamin C serum removes the changes to the skin due to environment such as stretch marks caused by exposure to the sun and returns to you bright skin.

– Vitamin C can help skin tone and reduce the appearance of skin discoloration. That means that the bruise, redness leaved by acne can be quickly faded thanks to Vitamin C Serum.

– Resistance to oxidation and anti-aging. Vitamin C Serum clearly has the ability to fight aging that I cannot understand. Honestly, my approach to anti-aging is applying sunscreen and take good care of my skin.

I hope with my reviews above, you will not be confused when choosing between Vitamin C Serum C20 and C21.5. Although C20 is an older version of the OST, but still there are many people like to use this product.

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